Air Cushion Machine

Protective Packaging Solutions

Why invest in multiple bulky machines that take up valuable real estate and cost too much. Our industrial Air Cushion Machine is the all-in-one solution to your packaging needs.

This single machine produces Carton Fill’s Air Pillows, Air Bubbles, Air Columns, and Air Bubble Bags. It can also customize to dimensions, color, and branding requirements using films of varying thickness and materials.

Perfect for businesses of any size, this revolutionary machine can handle the small operation mailing room to the high-volume demands of the 24/7 fulfillment center.

Air Cushion Machine Features

  • Multi-Function
  • Intelligent
  • Standard
  • Safe
  • No Air
  • Simple
  • Superior
  • Minimize

Machine + Solution Packages

There are several packaging solutions that can come with our Carton Fill industrial machine. Depending on customization needs and packaging volume, we can offer a number of on-demand solutions to accommodate your business.

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Protection at its finest

Our Carton Fill promise is to guarantee the quality and environmental standards of all our products. Ship with confidence.

Your trusted packaging solution partner, we offer the most affordable and eco-friendly products with optimal product protection so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

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